Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

In order to protect the privacy of our customers, we will strictly manage the personal information of all users of Japan's 888 Housing Trading Network ("888 homes"), and we hereby establish a policy for the collection, use and protection of user-related information. Privacy Statement is the announcement and commitment of this website to protect the privacy of users, please be sure to read carefully

Non-personal information

We will collect your IP address non-personal information, such as the user's browser nature, operating system type, ISP domain name, the order and link path you visit the network, the geographic location, etc. By collecting the above information, to optimize your display page, while carrying out traffic statistics, visitor reading habits, etc. , so as to improve the management and services of this website. This unpersonally identifiable information helps us identify the most popular areas and content of 888 homes, and confirm the effectiveness of our promotional activities. In addition, we may provide this information to our advertisers to understand the performance data for running ads.

Personal Information

1、When you register with users in 888 homes and participate in various activities, with your consent and confirmation, this website will ask you to provide relevant personal information through registration forms and other forms. This personal information includes:

  • Personally identifiable data: such as name, gender, age, date of birth, ID number (or passport number), landline/mobile phone, mailing address, address, email address, etc.
  • Personal background: occupation, education level, income status, marital status, family status, hobbies, etc.

2、This website will not use the information you provide for any other purpose without your consent and confirmation. This is not the case when chapter 8 is required to be disclosed in response to government and legal requirements. The goal of 888 home is to provide a pleasant and rewarding online experience to all users and to make it easier and more satisfying for each user to use the services, and collecting this personal information will help us achieve this goal. All registered members and visitors should be aware that when they disclose their personal information in bulletin boards, chat rooms, or other public places online, that information may be collected and used by others, including advertising information such as unsolicited e-mail to the user.

User Rights

1、Users of this website for their personal information have the following rights:

  • Inquiries and requests for access at any time;
  • Request for supplements or corrections at any time;
  • Any request for deletion at any time;
  • Request to stop computer processing and use.

2、This website to provide users with a variety of supporting services, such as seeing housing groups, group purchase, selecting and other activities, we will usually ask participants to fill out the relevant data registration form, in order to carry out activities. Such information will also become part of the user data of the Network and will be recorded, maintained, protected and used reasonably in the future. The availability of information and participation in such activities is entirely up to the user.

3、For the above rights, this website will provide you with related services, should the user has any suggestions or questions, please send an email to

User Information Security

1、This website will strictly protect the security of your personal information, the information you provide to take strict management and protection measures. We will use appropriate security technologies and procedures to prevent the loss, theft or alteration of your personal information and to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure.

2、This website will be when necessary to entrust professional and technical personnel on behalf of this type of data computer processing, in order to meet the needs of professional division of labor. If this website delivers to you the notice of computer processing and you do not expressly object within the time specified in the notice, this website will presume in good faith that you have consented. Thereafter, you shall still have the right to request the cessation of computer processing in accordance with article 1 (4) of Chapter III above.

Self-protection of user privacy

1、888 homes provide you with questions and answers, news columns and other services, and just a gentle reminder to all users that these areas is a public online setting, any information you publish may become public information. Therefore, we remind you to consider carefully before disclosing your personal information in these areas.

2、the user is the only person who has the right to their account password and its related registration information and confidentiality responsibility. Therefore, when you are online, be careful to protect your account.

Privacy Minor Protection

1、This website will establish appropriate reasonable procedures to protect the security of minors' personal information. This website solemnly states that any minor under the age of 16 who participates in online activities shall obtain the express consent of the parent or his legal guardian (collectively referred to as the "guardian").

2、Without the consent of the guardian, the act of minors using the Internet or using the name of an adult to access the Internet may lack the corresponding information security protection measures with minors.

3、The guardian shall bear the primary responsibility for protecting the privacy of the minors' network.

4、This website collects personal information from minors only for the purpose of better serving the specific requirements of non-adults, and the relevant data are used only to protect the safety of minors when participating in online activities, and do not retain this information for further or other commercial purposes.

5、This website will not use the personal information of minors without the consent of the guardian, nor will it disclose or transmit personal information to any third party that identifies the non-adult. This is not the case when disclosure is made in accordance with Chapter VI above in response to the relevant requirements of the Government and the law.

6、With the consent of the minor's guardian, this website may collect personal information of minors, this website will provide the guardian with:

  • Opportunities to examine information about their children or guardians;
  • The possibility of refusing to further collect or use personal information relating to their children or guardians;
  • Change or delete personal information about their children or guardians.

7、The guardian has the right to refuse further contact with the child or guardian of this website.

Principles of The Use of User Information Only if one of the following conditions is met, the Party of this website may make reasonable use of the personal information of users of this website beyond the necessary scope:

1、Has obtained your consent;

2、In order to relieve you of imminent danger the life, health or property of;

3、In order to prevent significant harm to the rights of others;

4、In order to promote the public interest, and harmless to your great benefits

User information disclosure principles

1、In accordance with relevant laws and regulations, when the relevant government agencies in accordance with the legal procedures require this website to disclose relevant personal information, this website will be in accordance with the requirements of law enforcement units or for the purpose of public safety to provide relevant data. This website is not responsible for any disclosure of user information in this case.

2、Other 888 homes are required to disclose relevant user information for good faith or for reasonable reasons:

  • It is necessary to make the relevant information public in accordance with the terms set out in the 888 Housing Services Agreement or other relevant statements;
  • In case of emergency, to protect the personal or property safety of 888 housing holding companies and 888 housing users;
  • In order to embody the principle of fairness and justice, it is necessary to make public some of the information of the user.

1、Cookies refer to a technology in which when a user accesses this website with a cookie device, the servers of this website automatically send cookies into the user's browser and store them in their computer hard drives. This cookie is responsible for recording your future activities, web profiles, browsing habits, etc.

2、888 home use cookies for the sole purpose of providing more thoughtful personal services to all users. Using cookie technology, this website is able to know which pages or content are popular. In addition, cookies will be used to track your preferences so that you can access our website with more thorough service.

3、Cookies do not track personal information. When you register as a member of our website, 888 homes use cookies. In this case, useful information is stored so that you can identify you when you visit our website again, thereby providing you with information data of interest or storing your account password, etc., so that you do not have to log in every time you visit the website.

4、Cookies from 888 homes can only be read by 888 homes. You may choose to accept or reject cookies. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can usually modify your browser's settings to reject cookies to suit your needs. If your browser is set to reject cookies, you will still be able to access most of our web pages, but you may not be able to fully experience all of the 888 homes' web services or the interactive features of this website.

Disclaimer Except in the case of the exemption set out in Chapter 8 above, this website is not liable in the following circumstances:

1、Any disclosure of personal information, or other personal information not caused by the 888 housing reason, as a result of you informing or sharing a registered account with others due to the user's password;

2、Any personal information leakage, loss, theft or alteration caused by hacking, computer virus intrusion or attack, temporary closure caused by government control, etc. affecting the normal operation of the network is not 888 homes reasons;

3、Any third party shall use your personal information in accordance with the circumstances set out in the 888 Housing Service Statement and Service Agreement, resulting in disputes arising;

4、888 all exemptions set out in the various service statements and service agreements;

5、888 home's homepage has links to other website pages. 888 home is not responsible for the content, privacy policy, operation, or behavior of the companies that operate these websites. Before providing personal information to these sites linked to 888 home, please review their privacy policies. 888 Housing is not responsible for the leakage of personal information caused by other websites linked to this website and any legal disputes and consequences arising therefrom;

6、Any consequences caused by force majeure;

Related Laws

Issues not covered in this statement refer to relevant laws and regulations, when this statement conflicts with national laws and regulations, national laws and regulations shall prevail.

The copyright and its right to modify, update and final interpretation are owned by 888 homes.