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Acquisitions / Intermediaries

Relax ! You can sell your Japanese real estate to 888 on your behalf

If you want to sell your Japanese real estate, you can ask a real estate agent who joins 888 to value it (free of charge). According to the real estate conditions, 888 will choose real estate developers with rich experience in the local area to help you.

Valuation Process

Please fill in the information related to the holding of real estate in the question and answer form, and send it.
The 888 will select more than 2 rooms for you, suitable for the object of the real estate industry to evaluate you.
Please select the operator you wish to entrust among the operators who have proposed the valuation amount.
Conclusion of sale and purchase agreements, agency or commission contracts.
The conclusion of the sale of completed contracts, contracts traded.
  1. Information submission
  2. Select a real estate developer who meets the criteria
  3. Valuation of the amount sold

Acquisition / Intermediary

There are two types of valuation methods for real estate developers: "acquisition methods" and "intermediary methods. 888 will carefully select the real estate developers for you, whether it is the acquisition / intermediary method, the landlord's interests will be the first consideration, and we sincerely will provide you with high-quality services.

Acquisitions method

Acquisitions are bought directly by the operator to the landlord. If the landlord is satisfied with the purchase amount proposed by the operator, they can make an appointment with the buyer directly to see the home on site. After the actual identification of the object, if the details also confirm that there is no problem, it can be immediately prompted by the operator of the purchase amount to buy and sell. Advantage of acquisition Sale spent less time After confirming the object, the value of the business can be sold to the operator immediately The disadvantage of acquisition Generally cheaper compared to the amount sold Most of the acquisitions are bought by the operators, after some degree of repair, and then resold at a higher price. Because the resale spread is the proceeds, the valuation will also be relatively cheap. ※ The above is the general statement, in fact, if popular objects may also be purchased at a high price.

Agency way

The agency is commissioned by Japanese real estate industry landlord trading ways. When the landlord signed the appointment, the landlord pays an intermediary fee to the real estate operator Advantage of mediation Conditions of sale can decide by ourselfs Commissioned operator will find a buyer in accordance with the conditions of the landlord, so most landlords can sold through the condition they wanted. Disadvantages of mediation Sale takes longer. Intermediaries will not start looking for buyers until after the landlord has commissioned them, so it takes longer to identify the buyers. If the conditions of sale is attractive, you can quickly find a buyer, but if harsh conditions then you may need spend more time to find a buyer.

Customers who want to sell Japanese real estate, please fill out the following valuation form

※If the data filled in is correct, we will be able to provide you with more accurate valuation.

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