Introduction to Japanese language:Object Layout


Introduction to Japanese language:Object Layout

Japan Real Estate pattern common to several English Initial representatives, the following is a simple description:

Number - Number of individual rooms in the residence

D-Dining room
L-Living room
S-Service room storage room / room free use

The Tatami

Means an all-in-one suite without a separate kitchen, usually small residential area.
Means a suite with a door separating the room and kitchen.
Dining room and kitchen, which is the combined of kitchen and dining room.
Living room, dining room, kitchen that is integrated in a room, the intention is in addition to cooking and dining we can also take a rest and having enough space for sofa TV and other things in a room.

The difference between DK LDK

DK LDK and abbreviations in Chinese are "hall", while figures for the previous character stands for number of rooms, such as 2LDK 2DK the abbreviation are all 2 room 1 hall, but on the official mark is based on the number and size of rooms, the definition varies:
1 room - "DK" 4.5 to 6 posts under posts, "LDK" above 8 posts
2 room - "DK" under the age of 6 posts to 10 posts, "LDK" more than 10 posts
Generally can be understood by area size ⇒DK (smaller Hall) / LDK (larger Hall)
A room that cannot be defined as a living room because of insufficient lighting or lack of windows is classified as a storage room or a free-use room.

Posts (tatami)

Posts (tatami) means tatami area for indicating the size of the room, such as posts 5 (tatami) is means 5 quires size.
Western-style room and many more "posts", and type of rooms are mostly expressed in "tatami."
1 post = about 1.65 square meters
2 posts = 1 Ping(about 3.3m2


UB-Unit bus bathtub, washtable, toilet combined in one bathroom.
WC-Water closet toilet.
PS-Pipe space pipes, gas pipes and other pipe chamber.
CL-Closet wardrobe.
WIC-Walk-in closet wardrobe room. Literally means that you can walk into the wardrobe, and CL compared to the storage space is larger.
SB- Shoes Box
SIC-Shoes-in closet shoe cabinet. A separate shoe storage room with a door separating can be entered directly with shoes.